Les questions fréquentes au sujet de la Méthode Silva

What is the Silva Method?
The Silva Method is designed to help you learn to use more of your brain and elevate the creative powers of your mind through the use of visualization, imagination, positive thinking and meditation.

The method consists of guided exercises that allow you to learn to enter a relaxed alpha state where you are impressed with tools and techniques that can be applied to improve all areas of your life.

With practice, you become more in tune with your inner self, enhance your ability to use both brain hemispheres, and learn to use your higher consciousness to access information for problem solving. Each exercise leads you to greater awareness, an increased ability to solve everyday problems, gain a better perspective of your life, and greater success in manifesting your desires.

By using the basic building blocks of the Silva Method, Desire, Belief, and Expectancy, you can achieve personal greatness.

Who is it for?
The Silva Method is for everyone. In the past 40 years of its existence The Silva Method has been taught to people of all ages and walks of life.

What can it do for me?
The Silva Method can potentially change your life for the better. The tools and techniques in The Silva Method are designed to influence every aspect of your living experience such as managing stress, improving the quality of your thoughts, overcoming bad habits, improving your learning ability, managing pain and discomfort, manifesting your goals and even enhancing your intuition.

Where are the classes?
Classes are presented in 131 countries, 29 languages and in every major city in the United States.

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